Strategic Executive Resume Writing Factors

People mistakenly believe that they have it figured out or they can figure it out regarding resumes, but unless you have worked specifically in HR, staffing, recruiting, and headhunting you are not going to get it right. There are an endless number of strategic and tactical factors that determine if an executive resume will be successful with quality employers. Desirable employers evaluate candidates, assess resumes, and make final interview decisions based on factors that people who make their own resume do not get right.

A Critically Important Executive Level Document

For the people who make the poor decision to write and prepare their own resume, they are faced with dozens of decisions. Unfortunately, the probability for error with these important decisions is very high. The underlying problem when it comes to resume writing for individuals not trained in resume writing and experienced in executive hiring and recruiting is that a person needs to know how employers think and the methodology they use when reviewing and evaluating an executive candidate.

Employers Look at Resumes Differently

Resume look and format is important, but this is only a small part of what will influence a hiring manager, recruiter, or HR professional to be interested in you. People who make their own resume structure and include content that they believe will be helpful but it has the opposite effect. The people making the decision to contact a candidate are looking at factors different than what most people believe. Having reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes, people do not understand these factors.

Most Executive Resume Writers Do Not Get It

The overwhelming majority of resume writers do not have a background in corporate hiring, headhunting, recruiting, and staffing. This experience is critically important in order to give people the advice needed to attract more interviews with quality employers. For the few that do, they will not take the time to explain what people should do because it requires extra work. It is far easier for them to just make the resume look a little better and send it back leaving items that hurt job search efforts.

You are Marketing Your Services to Companies

A resume is a professional sales and marketing advertisement. It is no different than what a company may use to help sell its product or service. Unfortunately, most do not think of resumes in these terms. Companies know the importance of marketing collateral to attract prospective buyers so they have entire marketing departments or they outsource it because they know it is a key to success. Never degrade what you are selling by using homemade resume material.

You Need Straightforward Resume Advice

Most resume services would rather just produce a document that qualifies as a resume and have you move on. They will not give important advice on what should be done because they either do not truly understand how employers evaluate resumes, or because they are fearful that people will not understand and this will create more work. Most resume services produce mediocre resumes because it is the easiest thing to do. We invest the time to give critical advice.