ResumeLeaders Reviews and Testimonials

  • Wow, nice work. I was expecting an improvement but you hit it out of the park. You did things I would never have thought of. Give my best to the team.
    Jeremy M., Fairfax, VA, SVP of Sales
  • This is excellent!! Thank you so much for your help. I must admit I was a little apprehensive using your website at first, especially since there were no sample resumes, but your work has far exceeded my expectations. The service and turnaround time was fantastic. Thanks again,
    Christina C., New York, NY, Director of Finance
  • This turned out exactly as I was hoping for. What a relief and time saver. Thank you to you and your team for your help. ps. You'll see my wife's resume shortly.
    William T., Brentwood, CA, Sr. Manager, PMO
  • Nice work! Captures everything I was hoping perfectly. No changes, let's finalize.
    Ashwin R., San Jose, CA, VP of Finance
  • Wow, this looks really good. I approve and look forward to getting the finals. Please give my regards to your team. Best wishes,
    Sheryl K., Seattle, WA, Chief Technical Officer
  • Many thanks for the work you and your team did. What a difference from what I started with. I have little doubt that that this will well received when I send it out. Thanks too for making this a very positive experience. Thank you.
    Paul V., Dallas, TX, Product Marketing Manager
  • This is wonderful and thank you. I am so glad I reached out to you all to assist. Your expertise in this area is really appreciated. There is nothing I would change.
    Ken S., Grapevine, TX, VP of Sales
  • Thank you and looks great. Please finalize it. Thank you again for such a professional service. Best regards.
    Thomas L., VP of Construction, Irvine, CA
  • Looks great. You captured the overall message I wanted to get across. You also seem to know quite a bit of engineering vernacular which was a pleasant surprise. I'm ready for my final docs. Best wishes.
    Paul M., San Jose, CA, VP of Engineering
  • Nice work all the way around. I'm going to send a new email if you would be so kind. Much appreciated.
    Carl P., Milpitas, CA, Chief Executive Officer
  • This is perfect! I can't thank you enough for the great job and the quick turnaround. You were correct, it was a VERY pleasant experience. I'm sorry that I waited so long!
    Annette M., Dallas, TX, Director of Product Mgt
  • Thank for the final resume in word and PDF formats and the final cover letter and final thank you letter. The cover letters and resume look great. I feel confident that your help producing these professional job search documents my search will go well. Thank you again. Happy holidays and wishing the best for your New Year and family.
    David C., Los Angeles, CA, Enviro Consultant
  • This looks good to go, I am interested in the thank you and a cover letter. Thanks. P.S. GREAT JOB. Also my wife and I have had several non profits and have one now that we would like to have a resume for as well. We will let you know when were ready.
    Joe M., Ithaca, NY, Vice President of Sales
  • You were not kidding around. WOW! 100 times better in just the first draft. Someone told me today you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you know and what you have done over the past 12 years. Well, you guys found a way to capture exactly what I was looking for. This is impactful, catchy and full of conversational activity. Thank you so much. I will spend the morning looking through one more time but if you don’t hear from me by Noon-ET I would say finalize this bad boy. Thank you so much for the straight talk, professional approach and without a doubt the mind boggling turnaround time. I look forward to chatting about my corner office soon!!!
    Greg H., Charlotte, SC, VP of Client Services
  • Thank you for the quick turnaround. I only had one tiny edit (in the areas of strengths). This looks fantastic. Thank you so much!
    Kim B., Scotts Valley, CA, IT Program Manager
  • I really love the service your company provides. I have never gotten such a quick turnaround like this with anything before. You have done a great job, I will be sure to refer your company to my associates. Thank You.
    Kevin D., Norcross, GA, Department Manager
  • This looks WONDERFUL!!! Wow, you did a great job! Personally, I don't see any changes that need to be made. This looks great!
    Clyde R., Cleveland, OH, Medical Sales Manager
  • The resume is beautiful much better than anything I could have ever copied off the internet. The resume is fabulous, I am beyond satisfied with it.
    Nerissa M., Chicago, IL, Director of Accounting
  • WOW! This sure beats trying to do it ourselves! We are extremely pleased with the resume and look forward to seeing the cover letter. Thank you again for such a great job! Regards,
    Kimberly J., Nashua, NH, Program Manager
  • It looks great and the resume completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
    Kelly P., Stamford, CT, Chief Marketing Officer
  • I have reviewed the resume-nice job overall!
    Heather C., Reading, PA, VP of Field Enablement
  • I would like to thank you for all your work. I am glad to inform you that I've accepted an offer for a job in under thirty days. Three weeks exactly. I keep referring people to your website, when they're having problems getting interviews.
    James W., Landover Hills, MD, Marcom Manager
  • I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful job. It will be my pleasure to recommend your services to anyone who asks. I will let you know how I do. My very best to you and your tream.
    Fred E., Lido Beach, NY, Chief Compliance Officer
  • I was WOWED by the results of the resume you created for me!! You really know how to showcase a person's talents and skills! Thank you again for the wonderful job on my resume. I should have utilized your services ten months ago!!
    Chris E., New Berlin, WI, Research Scientist
  • I almost fell out of my chair when I received my resume back because it is "Exceptionally Superior" to whatever I had or could have done on my own. Your service is quick, highly professional and the price is unbelievable for what you get in return. I very much appreciate my updated professional resume that I know will get me the job I want. I will report back to you on my success. My only regret is that I wish I had come to you sooner. "Thanks a Million" for what you have done for me and my resume. Truly Grateful,
    Joan E., Seattle, WA, Human Resources Manager
  • This is unbelievable…and so fast!!!! Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!!!!!!
    Robin O., Birmingham, AL, Accounting Manager
  • Thank you for your fine work. I have been trying to rewrite this resume for over 60 days without success and your first draft is exactly what I was hoping to have. Thank you! I'm completely thrilled.
    Curt E., Tallahassee, FL, VP of HR
  • Wow. I knew I needed some help to get a good resume. I almost didn't recognize who you were talking about. This is excellent and I am anxious to see how quickly it will work.
    Michelle G., Sealy, TX, Lead Software Engineer
  • WOW! I love it. Thank you for all of your help and will stay in touch. You can send the Word doc. and pdf. ASAP. Kind regards,
    Avery L., Norcross, GA, Senior Sales Consultant
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and help. I am very pleased with your work ethic. I will be emailing these out to him tonight, thanks to you!
    Sandra G., Artesia, CA, Education Administrator
  • Thank you for your hard work. I cannot believe the difference from my draft to yours. You have nailed my past experiences. I'm sure this is going to open up doors for me. Thanks.
    Charles Z., Burnett, WI, Production Manager
  • Nobody has anything critical to say about the resume. I get comments like “beautiful”, and “solid” from those that read it for style and content. I’m starting to distribute it. I have received one “headhunter” call in response to the resume already. The resume may be working.
    Dale M., Saint Peters, MO, Director of Technology
  • Thank you for the fantastic work. I greatly appreciate it and know I couldn't have done this myself. I will recommend your service to others. Thank you, again.
    Norma H., Baltimore, MD, Accounting Manager
  • Wow, you were right, the very first interview I wanted to secure; I received a call back from an email with my resume and got the interview. Your team is awesome and I love the confidence! Keep it up,
    Chris T., Rochester, NY, Director, PMO
  • Hello! I just want to say "Outstanding Job”! You are wonderful and I greatly appreciate your hard work in assisting me! I see what you are saying in your message and I realize how out-of-date I’ve been! Ha! I’m so glad I contacted this service and commend you on definitely giving me that ‘leg up’ towards my next position! Thank you again and I will contact you with any further questions should they arise!
    Carly F., Durham, NC, VP of Operations
  • I think it looks great! I am happy with what you have put together and will be recommending your services to a few of my good friends. Thanks,
    Germar R, Ypsilanti, MI, Sr. Marketing Analyst
  • Thank you very much. This process has been very pleasant and pain free. Regards,
    Melanie H., Seattle, WA, Client Service Director
  • Wow I'm very impressed. I'm not sure what I'd change about it, looks very good to me. Emphasizes everything that I wanted and clearly explains my background. I'm definitely mostly interested in corporate communications and marketing, so I'm happy that those are at the forefront of the resume. Thank you very much for your help on this. I really don't know what I would alter on it, and look forward to the final product! Thanks,
    Molly A., New York, NY, Operations Manager
  • I am extremely very happy with my resume and cover letter. You did an excellent job and I will definitely recommend your services to everyone. Thanks again for all your help and for the great service you provided for me.
    Gregory V., Temple City, CA, Marketing Events Manager
  • This looks great. I think you did an outstanding job. Way better then what I had been using. Thanks,
    Shane W., Bettendorf, IA, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Thank you for the nice resume you wrote for me. Many employers liked my resume and I will definitely in touch with you to update it according to my new work experience. I am happy that I chose you for my resume writing. Thank you,
    Reddy B., Normal, IL, Accounting Director
  • Please send just like it is. I can't thank you enough. It looks awesome. Thanks.
    David M., Tamarac, FL, Area Retail Manager
  • This is absolutely fabulous. I am totally thrilled. I just had a huge tooth pulled so I will review it tomorrow when I feel better. but I can't thank you enough!!!! beautiful job!!!!
    Brenda P., Tucson, AZ, Medical Technologies Manager
  • Thank you very much for my revised resume. It looks absolutely amazing. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone. However, i forgot to include my MBA in Finance attained from "college" in Raleigh, NC in April, 2009. Can you please include it in my resume. Overall, this is GREAT. Sincerely,
    William T., Durham, NC, Corp Finance Manager
  • Thank you, I am very impressed with the end product. Thank you,
    Richard B., Reston, VA, School Administrator
  • Thank you, you did a great job.
    Carla A., Modesto, CA, National Account Mgr
  • I really liked the resume that you revised for me. It looks great.
    Bob O., St. Louis, MO, Restaurant Manager
  • You did such a wonderful job on my boyfriend's resume. I had to let you do mine as well.
    Tina L., Atlanta, GA, Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Outstanding job on the resume. Nice work! You did this quickly and with very little information! Truly impressed with the results and process. I'll let you know how it goes on my interview.
    Paul L., Irvine, CA, Chief Operating Officer
  • Thank You. It's perfect. My expectations certainly have been exceed. Thank your entire team for me.
    Matt K., Mount Sinai, NY, Hospital Administrator
  • I thought I had seen some great resumes throughout the years, but wow, this is absolutely fantastic. The quality of the writing, structure, and overall story told takes my resume into a completely new area. My sincerest appreciation to you and your team. You should double your price. I've seen what resume services produce! This does not compare.
    Michael V., Irvine, CA, VP of Human Resources
  • Outstanding job on the resume. You took very little information "sorry" and created a high quality and well written document. I wouldn't change a word. Great service. Thank you!
    Ellen G., Memphis, TN, Chief Financial Officer / CFO
  • You have exceeded my expectations in every regard. The format, wording, etc. No easy feat! Thanks for too for the sound advice regarding my earlier employment.
    Paula F., Henderson, NV, VP of Sales & Marketing
  • Wow, thank you! Now I'm made at myself for not doing this sooner. Looks and reads great!
    John S., Grand Rapids, MI, Director of Operations
  • Thank you and ResumeLeaders team. Very fast, affordable, and well done! Look out for my wife's resume shortly. She's also considering making a move.
    Tim M., Portland, ME, Accounting Manager
  • Thanks for the quick response! I have a lot of unemployed friends that were in the mortgage industry with me over the years and could really use a service like this. I will definitely recommend you guys. I am thoroughly impressed with the whole process thus far. I’m not sure the guy who wrote it originally chose the best verbiage to describe everything, especially after reading that incredible summary! Thanks again!
    James H., Holbrook, NY, Branch Manager
  • I want to thank you for your time and fixing up my resume. It looks great. I will come to you for any resume things that may come up in the future. Have a good evening and again thank you. Sincerely,
    Dave L., Warren, MI, VP of Sales
  • "I'm very very satisfied with the results"
    William B., Freeport, IL, Superintendent
  • This looks outstanding. Greatly appreciate the advice on several things. I'm looking forward to sending this out. Once again thank you for an excellent job by your team.
    Carly C., Mesa, AZ, Corporate Controller
  • Hi, Great work with the first draft. It is a vast improvement over the original. We had no changes so unless you had something else to add, we approve this draft. Thanks so much, I'll be sending anyone else I know who needs a resume revamp your way.
    Kimberly T., Laguna Hills, CA, HR Director
  • Thank You! Resume is excellent I want to thank you for your hard work!!, Best Regards,
    Jeremy S., East Chicago, IN, Store Manager
  • Now this is a RESUME! All jobs I worked for and the description of duties are very detailed in this resume. Thanks Again,
    Charles J., Chicago, IL, Operations Manager
  • This is perfect. Thank you so much…needed an objective look to pull together all my clumsy sections. Better believe I will be referring others to your very reasonable, swift and professional service.
    Joan W., Auburn, WA, VP of Human Resources
  • IT LOOKS PHENOMENAL!!!! I am walking in the door from a board meeting that ran late and I can't wait to curl up in bed and dig into this sucker! Thank you and I will recommend you all!!!
    Katie S., Troy, MI, Director of Sales
  • Hello, Thank you very much for the resume, cover letter and thank-you letter documents. I am pleased with the products that you have delivered and appreciate the time that went into the development and advice in how to use the documents most effectively. Sincerely,
    Stephanie A., Vallejo, CA, Marketing Director
  • Just a quick not to say I received the resume and it looks and reads very well. I certainly appreciate your straightforward advice on how to package my work history to make me look good fresh and like a quality candidate.
    Mark S., Oceanside, CA, Regional Sales Manager
  • Based on this resume - I would hire me. This was probably one of the best investments i ever made in using your service. If/when I get a job using this resume - I will wire you flowers showing my appreciation (seriously).
    Richard U., Cedarhurst, NY, Area Sales Manager
  • I am very pleased with this second draft and would like for this to be the final draft. Thank you so very much for your assistance with my resume. I can not thank you enough. I look forward to hearing from you soon with the final draft in PDF format as well as the cover letter. Thank you again and I hope you have a great day.
    Susan B., Richmond, VA, Chief Financial Officer
  • Good morning, This looks fantastic. I'm very happy with it.
    Rick E., Palmdale, CA, Sr. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for the first draft of my resume. You have done a masterful job. I am completely satisfied with the job you have done on my resume.
    Charles H., Louisville, KY, Senior Attorney
  • My God that looks good.
    Adam F., Thornton, CO, Chief Victim Specialist
  • Looks great. Thank you. Ready for final.
    Noelle S., Destin, FL, Business Development Mgr
  • Great job! Thank you so much for all your great efforts!!
    Hector M., Allentown, PA, Engineering Manager
  • Everything looks really good and after reading it, I’d hire me if I was an employer. That’s how good you made me sound. Thanks for all your help.
    Sheryl S., Tyler, TX, Human Resources Manager
  • I was WOWED by the results of the resume you created for me!! You really know how to showcase a person's talents and skills! Thank you again for the wonderful job on my resume. I should have utilized your services ten months ago!!
    Chris E., New Berlin, WI, Marketing Director
  • Thank you! I am very pleased with your work!
    Kevin W., Sunrise, FL, Accounting Manager
  • Thanks for the fast turnaround. Looks great.
    Troy W., Irvine, CA, Chief Executive Officer
  • I am thrilled with the resume that you prepared for me. It has already gotten me an interview which is in 2 weeks and calls for 2 other interviews. This resume is far more professional than anything I could have done and worth every dime. Thank you so much again,
    Tim N., Cincinnati, OH, Clinical Pharmacist
  • This looks really good. I am very happy that I chose your company to help me with my resume.
    Dan K., Atlanta, GA, Project Manager (PME)
  • Wow, even I would hire me now. Job Well Done!! I send you my heartfelt appreciation. Best money I ever spent. Kindest Regards,
    Terry S., Carpinteria, CA, VP of Global Sales
  • Thank you very much for the upgraded resume, which looks excellent. Resume looks really good. Sincerely,
    Gayle K., Baltimore, MD, Scientist
  • Looks great - thanks so much. This was painless and worth the money - now I look really good on paper too! I'll let you know how it works. Thank you very much,
    Irene D., Miami, FL, Director of Special Events
  • I received the revised resume. I do like what you've done, especially the introduction. I'm quite satisfied with your work. It's of great value to have this work done by someone who understands the industry. I agree that the original was much longer than it should be. As I said, I'm quite satisfied with your work. I appreciate the extra effort. You're the best!
    Robert H., Richardson, TX, Global Sales Manager
  • Thank you so much. I'm pleased with the layout and I feel the opening introduction is a great attention getter. Feel free to use me as a reference for your services. It was well worth the money. Thanks again,
    Vicki E., Long Beach, CA, Executive Coach
  • I think that "name"’s new resume looks fantastic and I will definitely refer your services to my candidates who are in need of direction. In fact, being new to the recruiting world, my resume could use a revamp-and that’s putting it nicely.
    Laura N., Los Angeles, CA, Recruiting Manager
  • Hi: Wanted to let you know that you did a terrific reorganization of my resume, highlighting my strengths that I struggled to explain in my original resume. Thank you.
    Carole S., Simi Valley, CA, Technology PM
  • Thank you, I am very impressed with the end product.
    Richard B., Reston, VA, School Administrator
  • WOW!! Thank you very much!!
    Tracy K., Grand Junction, CO, Nurse Manager
  • Thanks very much for the immediate, much-improved-looking, and cost effective re-structuring of my resumé, frankly, exceeding my expectations to a level bordering on astonishment!
    Jeff D., Philadelphia, PA, Director of Sales
  • I thought my resume needed updating and was a little skeptical at first just sending it to some place. But I made some suggestions on things I wanted fit in, and they did a spectacular job of almost reinventing my resume! Good job!
    Kevin W., Troy, MI, Vice President of Sales
  • Thank you for excellent service. I am very pleased to say the least. Hopefully this will open some doors to the right job!!!
    Evan G., Bethlehem, PA, Retail Manager
  • I cannot find words to express my appreciation of how pleased I am; not only with your quick turn around, but also with the way you have laid out my resume. You have made my day; you made me feel like a Rock Star! Moreover, Thank you kindly. Sincerely,
    Ted S., Vallejo, CA, Hotel General Manager
  • Excellent work!
    Ying X., Oakland, CA, Senior Design Engineer
  • Fantastic! What a great value. Much appreciated. Regards,
    Rich K., Scotts Valley, CA, V.P. of Operations
  • I really liked the resume that you revised for me. It looked great.
    Brian O., St. Louis, MO, Music Director
  • Thank you! I like the revisions and the new look of my resume. Hope it helps me to gain more interviews!
    Michael B., Reading, PA, Therapist
  • Just wanted to write and say thanks! After 6 months of fruitless job hunting on my own, I purchased your resume tuneup service. I received a request for a phone interview the day after my resume was distributed. In less than three weeks it led directly to an offer for a senior engineering position in an up-and-coming nanotech company...with stock options! Was it worth the money? Absolutely every penny! Thanks again.
    Michael H.,Troy, NY, Director of Engineering
  • From my friend recommendation, he keeps receiving very good feedback from plenty of interviews within a week after he got an updated resume from your company. I see much impressive improvement you have made for him. Therefore, I am really interested in your service and would love to have you review and gloss up my resume as well.
    Carat I., New Haven, CT, District Manager
  • WOW! Thank you for this super jump-start and refocus.
    Chris S., Mission Viejo, CA, Director of Marketing
  • Thanks a lot for the good work!! Will surely mail back if I need any additional help with the resume.
    Sunil B., Raleigh, NC, IT Project Manager
  • You captured exactly what I wanted to get across and quite a bit more! Nice work.
    Joshua K., Silver Springs, MD, Chief Financial Officer
  • I know of some people at my company who are going to be real interested in your service. This far exceeds my expectations. I knew my resume could be improved but I never expected this!!
    Monica J., Southfield, MI, PR Director
  • Thousand thanks for my resume. It's perfect! I just have no words. Very best wishes to you!
    Lev P., Rockville, MD, Assistant Store Manager
  • Thank you so much for my "tune-up". Everything looks great!
    Jack W., Stamford, CT, Marketing Director
  • A friend recommended your resume service to help update my resume. As a Human Resources professional, I have seen many resumes over the years and I have to say I was very impressed. I am excited for a little revamping of my resume and once I receive it I will forward the information to my recruiters for reference. Thank you in advance.
    Lisa S., Simi Valley, CA, Recruiting Manager
  • I am so very pleased with my resume you revised. I am especially pleased with the "core competencies" you addressed as well as my employment objectives. Very well done. My resumes looks even more professional.
    Juan S., San Antonio, TX, Materials Manager
  • Wow, you realize you could easily increase your fee, don't you?! This is excellent work, thank you!!
    Stephen B., Tempe, AZ, F&B Manager
  • I have received my revised resume and am extremely satisfied with the results. Thanks so much for your help!
    Terri R., Pinehurst, NC, QA Manager
  • WOW... What a change... I am very pleased with the resume and the cost of getting it done makes it a tremendous value. As a sales person, the marketing material for the "product" (in this case me) is so important to getting you in front of the right customers and the right people at those customers. I am sure this resume is going to make a big difference! Regards,
    Tony A., New Bedford, MA, Account Executive
  • Wow!!!!! You hooked my resume up big time!!!! Wow!!! You are the best!!! Many thanks.
    Ron L. Brooklyn, NY, Doctor
  • Thanks it looks great and I really appreciate the fast, honest service....I was a little scared about using a service like this over the internet but I will absolutely recommend all my out of work friends!!!!
    Allen D., Katy, TX, Case Manager
  • The resume and cover letter looks amazing. I thank you so much for your time and effort. I have given a referral to my business parnter who will be using your company’s services as well. I think we all tend to get a little too comfortable in our routine and find the task of updating our resumes overwhelming. It seems the formats change through the years so having a professional update it is well worth it. I did not think that at 54 years of age I would find myself in the market for a new job, but it is a strange world we live in. I thank you for the well wishes in my endeavors.
    Carl P., Seattle, WA, Managing Partner
  • This looks fantastic. Much appreciated. Give my regards to your team
    Dan T., Grand Rapids, MI, Purchasing Manager
  • Nice job all the way around. Looks very sharp, focused, and professional. Great content you came up with based on little information I sent. Sorry about that! Best regards,
    Zack B., Orlando, FL, Certified Financial Planner
  • To say you hit it out of the park is an understatement. This looks fantastic. Much appreciated.
    Karen P., Southfield, MI, VP of HR