Executive Resume Writing Process

The executive resume writing methodology utilized by our professional writing team is a proven system that involves several important components: Strategize, Outline, Layout, Design and Development, Editing, Quality Review, Finalize, and Customer Feedback.

1. Order Resume Package / Payment

As an executive you know that taking action is the foundational key to all success. You are either moving forward or backwards. There is no in-between. Growth comes by intentionally stepping out of your zone of comfort and taking action. We understand you are busy so we ensure that all aspects of the resume writing process are efficient. Payment is made securely on our resume pricing and payment page.

2. Gather and Understand Information

While we do include a significant amount of new and critically important information not provided by our clients to each resume, we will need to obtain basic details relating to work history, education, and types of positions being sought. Due to our extensive backgrounds in all career functions and industries we will understand your information and employment goals and this will be accurately reflected in your resume.

Resume information gathering options:

  • Current/Past Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Simple Resume Information Questionnaire
  • Business Profiles, Summaries, Documents
  • We do not collect all information verbally

3. Strategize and Outline Document

After all information has been received we thoroughly review it for understanding and clarity. We follow up immediately should additional details be needed. When we are confident all key information has been obtained, and we understand your job search goals, we utilize our expertise to formulate a resume strategy, outline important sections, and layout the resume document to achieve maximum effectiveness.

4. Resume Writing and Development

The resume writing and development process is the integration of information obtained coupled with our extensive knowledge in executive resume writing and hiring to structure a high impact, dynamic, and personal marketing document that grabs and holds the attention of HR, recruiters, and hiring authorities at leading companies. You will be representing yourself with the highest quality executive resume employers will have received.

Executive Resume Writing Includes:

  • High impact, influential, and engaging professional presentation that grabs attention.
  • Strategically crafted job descriptions, summary, profile, headline, and other content.
  • Restructuring or removal of unnecessary, distracting, or harmful resume information.
  • Carefully selected content with an appealing and powerful resume format and layout.
  • Strategically structured and optimized resume wording, formatting, and information.
  • Packaging of information based on how employers evaulate resumes and candidates.

5. Resume Quality Review and Editing

After we have carefully selected the appropriate content and sections based on several strategic resume factors, and thoughtfully crafted quality job descriptions, summaries, sentences, bullet points, and other important information that engages, influences, and motivates the reader, all resumes are meticulously reviewed for quality by associates to ensure the document will accomplish our customer's objective.

6. Present Resume to Client for Review

The completed one or two page professionally written and formatted executive resume is emailed and presented to our clients for critical review and feedback within one to three business days in three formats, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII Text. We welcome questions and feedback from customers. Our objective is to exceed your expectations.