Resume Service Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire ResumeLeaders?

ResumeLeaders writers have extensive work experience in human resources, executive recruiting and staffing, marketing, public relations, and business, technical, and creative writing. We are multi-certified skilled experts at packaging a resume to achieve maximum results with hiring managers, corporate and executive recruiters, and human resources professionals. We know exactly how they think, review resumes, evaluate candidates, and make interview decisions.

What will my resume look like?

There are dozens of variations of resumes we build in terms of layout, fonts, style, content, headings, etc. Our resumes exceed all resume quality standards and are expertly worded, formatted, and packaged based on a person's specific occupation, job function, career, and industry. Executive resumes are high level presentations. They are not biographies. Employers do not want to receive and will not read and sort through pages of information. Your resume will not exceed two pages in length.

How is information collected?

Information for your new resume can be gathered through current or past resumes, resume questionnaire, profiles, and email. We do not gather information verbally due to the lack of accuracy with this method. We do not accepted faxes, images, hard copies, and information scanned into PDFs. You will receive an email moments after payment during normal business hours and you will be redirected immediately to a page on our site to begin the easy information gathering process.

Do you meet with clients in-person?

We talk with our clients often by phone and we do meet in person. We do not gather information by dictation in-person or by phone. We will understand your goals and information and this will be accurately reflected in your resume. Technology has made professional resume writing more affordable and accessible. The days of driving to meet a resume writer have been over for 10 plus years. There is an additional fee of $475 for in-person appointments and any available offers are not redeemable.

Will you understand my goals?

We will understand your job search goals. We are incredibly knowledgeable in all job functions, careers, and industries. We know what to include and exclude on a resume and how to strategically write and package content for either multiple types of positions or specific ones. You are in very good hands using our service and will find no company more qualified.

What experience do you have?

Everyone working here has been in the trenches of headhunting, staffing, resume writing, human resources, and recruiting for many years at brand name companies and nationally recognized search firms. We have sat across the desk from endless hiring managers reviewing tens of thousands of resumes. This knowledge is key for crafting an effective resume.

When will I receive my resume?

We will email your new resume for critical review within 1 to 3 business days from the time we receive all of the information needed to complete your resume. We have constructed thousands of resumes and have never once been late. We invest several hours to layout, write, and edit a world-class resume presentation and we work tirelessly to exceed expectations.