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Smart Recruiters Never Submit a Candidate's Homemade Resume

The Answer to More Interviews and Placements

Recruiter Key Tasks Versus Important Tasks

The recruiting professionals making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and we know and work with many of them, are not wasting their valuable time and degrading their service by typing and formatting resumes for candidates. They are on the phone with clients and with candidates, the tasks that have the highest return on investment. Professional Recruiters are respected advisors and consultants and they treat themselves in such a manner. They do not worry about losing a candidate because they know a poor resume results in failure.

Professional Grade Executive Level Resumes

ResumeLeaders writers have extensive work experience in human resources, recruiting and staffing, marketing, public relations, and business, technical, and creative writing. We are skilled experts at packaging an executive resume to achieve maximum results with hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource professionals. We know exactly how they think, review resumes, and assess candidates.

We develop and package professional resumes for senior, manager, director, vice president, and C-level executives in all major industries and career functions including sales, marketing, information technology, financial, accounting, education, hospitality, healthcare and medical, arts and humanities, human resources, manufacturing, transportation, legal, operations, human/social services, and retail.

Executive Resume Writing Service,cludes:

Sample Email to Executive Level Candidates

Thank you for submitting your resume. I will do my best to locate opportunities for you with my clients. After reviewing your resume, I suggest you contact and consider using this service. A sharp, targeted, and professionally written and prepared resume will help with your search efforts immensely. When completed, please send your new resume back to me.


John and Jane Doe

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