LinkedIn Profiles: Your Resume is Your Profile

  1. Never waste your money by having someone write a LinkedIn profile for you.
  2. Like a resume having the wrong information on an online profile can hurt you.
  3. Online profiles are used by hiring managers, corp. recruiters, and HR to snoop.
  4. Do not include a picture, personal details, or dates that may add years and age.
  5. A link to your profile should never be on your resume or provided to employers.
  6. Employers must pay LinkedIn a fee to view complete profiles in their database.
  7. Employers post jobs for resumes and very rarely pay for and search databases.
  8. Information on your resume and your profile that conflicts will cause problems.
  9. You should make online public profiles private and not visible to search engines.
  10. You will only possibly receive headhunter calls as a result of a LinkedIn profile.