Why ResumeLeaders is Your Best Option

Executive Resumes Writers The look of an executive resume is important but this is only one factor that will influence a hiring manager, executive recruiter, or HR person to select your resume and contact you. Having literally reviewed hundreds of thousands of executive resumes and been involved with thousands of new hires, other executive resume writers, and certainly people who make their own resume, structure and include content that they believe will be helpful, but it has the exact opposite effect.

Employers looking to make a quality new executive hire review and assess resumes and candidates differently than what most people think. Employers decide on candidates and executive resumes based on risk and other important candidate factors. Understanding exactly how hiring managers, human resources professionals, and executive recruiters think and select candidates to interview can only be obtained by spending many years sitting across the desk from them reviewing thousands of resumes and candidates.

All other executive resume writing services would rather just produce a document that qualifies as a resume and have you move on as quickly as possible. They will not take the time to give you crucial advice on what you should really do because they either do not truly understand how employers evaluate executive resumes, or because they are fearful that you will not understand and this will create more work for them. Most executive resume services produce mediocre resumes because it is the easiest thing to do. It is worth repeating that people who review resumes look at things from a different perspective. The people most qualified to write and structure a highly effective resume must be long-term executive recruiting and human resources professionals.

Nearly all executive resume services are made up of people who got into resume writing because they have an English degree and needed something to do with it. They are almost always part-time, after hours, or weekend operations. They take your information, rework it a little to make it look slightly better, rarely add any quality content, and then send it back. This is exactly why most executive resumes get deleted quickly and executive job searches produce poor results.

The overwhelming majority of resume writers do not have a background in corporate human resources, recruiting, and executive headhunting. This experience is critically important in order to give the advice needed to attract more interviews, better employers, and higher level jobs. For the few that do have this background, they will not take the time to explain to you what you should do because it requires extra work and is not required. It is much easier for them to just make your resume slightly better and send it back leaving several items that will hurt your job search efforts.